# 1 Necessity When Journaling

# 1 Necessity When Journaling
Photo Credit: Photo by Sixteen Miles Out on Unsplash


It's not the paper or the pen. Whether you are artsy or prefer digital tools. Your attitude doesn't matter either. Your topics could be mundane or spy thriller exciting.

The only consistency is you; you showing up, doing it for yourself and no one else.

That is the most important thing about journaling.

Maybe it's a bad day or a bad year. The pages could be more negative than positive. Maybe you don't like you're handwriting or you tend to draw more than write.

Doesn't matter.

You showed up. You did it. How and what you journaled about is just for you.

So get out of your own way. The guilt, the anxiety, the stress you put on yourself isn't useful.

Laying it down in the journal is.

-A Very Enthusiastic Journaler