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The 311 Monthly Newsletter is your personal gift of journaling prompts and a side dish of the latest Why We Journal blog news.

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Three text-based journal prompts to feed your mind

Write a letter to your future self. What are your hopes and fears for your future self? What do you wish to have accomplished or experienced?

Write a letter to your soul. Ask questions of your soul. Is there anything you want to apologize for? Are there moments in time you need to be honest with your soul about?

Write a letter to your heir. This doesn't matter if you have no children. Who would you leave all your worldly possessions to if you died tomorrow? Write to them. What do you feel about them? What do you think about them? Is there significant memories you would share?

One visual journal prompt to feed your eyes

person's hand in shallow focus
Photo by Danie Franco / Unsplash

One audio track to feed your ears while you journal

You'll also receive a small dish of blog news, and any notable, delicious, dessert-worthy gossip of future Why We Journal happenings!

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