Color of Journal Paper

This post is going into the nitty gritty of paper hues. Crisp White or Cream/Ivory?

Color of Journal Paper
Photo by Rasa Kasparaviciene / Unsplash

Hello Fellow Journalers!🖊️📖

This post is going into the nitty gritty of paper hues. Specifically---

Crisp White Or Cream (AKA Ivory)?

For real though. This is a serious (ahem) decision.

The Argument for Crisp White

1) Sometimes you just wanna show off your cool gel pens that remind you of your high school notebooks. Or maybe you got a super-fancy bujo pen and marker set. Let those colors fly!

multi colored pen on white background
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2) The bright white page is akin to a white kitchen, modern and clean. An aesthetic that is pleasing to the modernist’s eye. True white can mesh with any color palette.

3) Mistakes happen. And yet, the perfectionist approach demands a way to correct and appreciate journaling artwork. Whiteout can assist and correct less than perfection.

blue plastic bottle on white table
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The Argument for Cream

1) Do you love that literary feel when holding a novel? Look inside a book and see the cream-colored pages. Publishing houses know something about keeping readers for the long haul. They cater to their readers interest—and eyes. Cream (and ivory pages) tend to produce less eye strain than stark white pages.

2) Literary daydreams aside, creamy pages also have a warm and inviting aesthetic, begging the journaler to open its pages. It can also produce a vintage feel, which also has its own appeal.

an open book sitting on top of a white sheet
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3) Cream tends to be more forgiving to smudges and smears of ink. Does the idea of hiding a small imperfections welcoming? Maybe consider this color scheme for frequent journaling use.

Can you feel the importance of deciding between white and cream now?

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-A Very Enthusiastic Journaler

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