Paper Sizes For Journaling: A or B

This blog post is best suited for those that are confused between A and B paper series. C series involves envelopes, and won't be covered here.

Paper Sizes For Journaling: A or B

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Let's talk paper!

Paper sizing is more than a bit of minutiae. It's an OCD art form (sarcasm, don't take me seriously). This blog post is best suited for those that are confused between A and B paper series. C series involves envelopes, and won't be covered here.

The A's

A sizing of paper is more common throughout the world. There are eleven sizes, from A0 to A10, from largest being A0 to smallest A10. If you were to fold a piece of A0 paper in half, this would be A1. And so on.

Common sizes for journals in the A group is A3, A4, A5 and A6. Most likely you've picked up an A4 or an A5 in your life. A3 is bulkier, and more common for sketchbook journalers. A6 is small, best for travel or on the go note-taking. Letter sized notebooks are close to A4 in dimension and extremely popular in the US, sized at 8.5" x 11" (216 mm x 279mm). Legal pads are top-bound and 8.5" x 11.75" (216 mm x 298 mm).

The B's

The B sizing is also widely used, but less common that A sizing. It is a bit larger, and the B category is often called the "in-between" sizes of the A series. For instance, B1 is between A0 and A1.

The most popular B sizes for journal are B5 and B6. B5 offers an alternate oversized notebook option and and B6 offers an alternate option between the A5 and A6 sizes. It's just a step up from travel-size ready, and could be placed in purse or go-bag with enough space.

Who makes up these rules?

The International Organization of Standardization does. In fact, the global standards they make are more than just paper, but that's another rabbit hole. (1)

So all paper sizes are made equal?

No. But for the most part, the world has adopted ISO 216 paper sizing. B sizing tends to be a bit different when made from Japanese paper manufacturers.

Who breaks the rules?

While many companies adhere to the common ISO paper sizes, some companies like Moleskin and Rhodia make their own rules, and Kukoyo Campus has a Semi B5 size.

Was this post really necessary?

Yes. It was.

What are your favorite sizes to journal in? I'd love to know! Comment and let's compare.

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-A Very Enthusiastic Journaler

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