3 Piano-centric YouTube Channels For Journaling

This month's music for journaling post is centered on piano-style tunes.

3 Piano-centric YouTube Channels For Journaling
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Hello Fellow Journalers!🖊️📖

This month's music for journaling post is centered on piano-style tunes.

Piano music has some super-scientific benefits, such as a boost to cognitive function. A 2011 study had participants listen to Mozart's Sonata for Two Pianos in D Major and that the participants had improved spatial reasoning.

Dan Musselman is a pianist that produces worship music on his Youtube channel since 2008. This track is specifically "happy" music, and two hours of it, no lyrics or singing. Regardless of faith, these upbeat melodies are uplifting to listen to. You can also listen to his music on Apple Music and Spotify.

Next is HalidonMusic Youtube Channel. This track is full of classical tunes from great composers such as Bach and Debussy. This channel is hyperfocused on classical and timeless pieces of music. You can also listen to music from Halidon on Spotify.

Last is one that gets played quite a bit at bedtime in my own home—The Disney Piano Collection. This particular track is 3 hours long and is on the kno Disney Piano Youtube Channel. Listen to your favorite childhood songs covered on the piano on Spotify,iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.

Do you like music suggestions for journaling, focus or in the background of your day? Here's a few more to peruse:

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I hope you liked these channel suggestions. As always, if you have preferred music to journal to, please leave a suggestion in the comments!

-A Very Enthusiastic Journaler

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