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Thank you for checking out Why We Journal! If you're here, you likely purchased a Why We Journal product. That makes me feel amazing with all the warm fuzzies inside. If you haven't left an honest review, I ask that you consider doing so. Indie writers like myself depend on the honest reviews of readers. 🤞

I love journaling and all that it entails. Some practices and hobbies feel overdone, but journaling to me is timeless. Our meaningful memoirs help us see life in a refreshed lens. You might see the tagline on this blog:

Journaling Made Easy: Learn Evidence-Based Techniques, Hear From Leading Voices, and Find Your Story in a Supportive Space

But honestly, this is a place all your own, just like your journal.

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Regardless, I'd like to give you my gratitude. Thank you for supporting independent writers.

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-A Very Enthusiastic Journaler