Journaling Quotes For All 12 months [120 Quotes]

This is a sister-post to my article on "How To Do Quotes Page In Your Journal". I have curated 120 quotes for you to use in your journal for each of the 12 months of the year!

Journaling Quotes For All 12 months [120 Quotes]
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This is a sister-post to my article on "How To Do Quotes Page In Your Journal". I have curated quotes for you to use in your journal for each of the 12 months of the year! Each month has ten quotes with sources referenced, totaling to 120 quotes to peruse for your journaling, planning, or quoting needs.

Happy Journaling!

January scrabble words
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"January whispers, 'This year, leave your mark on the world.'" - Nora Roberts

"In January, let go of the old; welcome in the new; and cherish the possibilities that lie ahead." - Anonymous

"January clears the decks; resets the clock. It's a time for wiping the slate clean and starting anew." - Oprah Winfrey

"The deadest months; the coldest days." - T.S. Eliot

"The new year is a renewal of hope." - Alexander Pope

"The new year is a blank book. Let's make it a masterpiece." - Mother Teresa

"January brings the snow, Makes our feet and fingers slow," - Sara Coleridge

"But for some fleeting moments, we felt like we could fly, Held on for January..." -New Romantics, Taylor Swift

"January thaws, bring short straws" - English Proverb

"January is a month of resolutions, embarrassments, and bills." - Clementine Paddleford

"My New Year's Resolution is to stop making resolutions." - Tom Giaquinto

February text on white paper
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"February is the border between winter and spring." - Irish proverb

"In February's dark, we watched the stars explode until daybreak." - John Geddes

"Where has that old friend gone Lost in a February song Tell him it won't be long 'Til he opens his eyes, opens his eyes..."- February Song, Josh Groban

"In February, there is everything to hope for and nothing to regret" -Patience Strong

“February is the shortest month, so if you’re having a miserable month, try to schedule it for February.” ―Lemony Snickett

"The February sunshine steeps your boughs and tints the buds and swells the leaves within."- William C. Bryant

"In the coldest February, as in every other month in every other year, the best thing to hold on to in this world is each other." - Linda Ellerbee

"Though, February is short, it is filled with lots of love and sweet surprises." - Anne Truitt

"On the wind in February, snowflakes float still. Half inclined to turn to rain, nipping, dripping, chill." - Christina Georgina Rossetti

"My arms get cold in February air Please, don't lose hold of me out there..."- February Air, Lights

"But then there's March, the month of beginnings, a time when everything seems possible again." - Leo Christopher

"March comes in like a lion roars at its prey But goes out like a lamb, bleating for play." - Ogden Nash

"The sun begins to set behind the woods, and March stands at the crossroads, a wild, uncertain thing." - Louisa May Alcott

"The wind of March whispers to the dreaming trees, Something of summer, something of the bees." - William Morris

"Windy March, fruitful year." -Italian Proverb

“March is the month of expectation, the things we do not know, The persons of prognostication are coming now. We try to sham becoming firmness, But pompous joy betrays us, as his first betrothal betrays a boy.” – Emily Dickinson

“This is the perfume of March: rain, loam, feathers, mint.” – Lisa Kleypas

“March bustles in on windy feet and sweeps my doorstep and my street.” – Susan Reiner

“Flowers and colours everywhere, I am so glad that March is here.” – Anamika Mishra

“March to the beat of Spring!” – Unknown

"April wears a fickle mantle here, A moment clouded, then a moment clear." - William Butler Yeats

"The month of April is a call to action, a time to plant seeds of change and watch them grow." - Malcolm X

"April weather is the most variable and the most delightful in the year. It is a good emblem of life itself." - C.S. Lewis

"The sun shines not only on the just but also on the unjust. April showers may come, but sunshine and growth are inevitable." - Maya Angelou

"I am grateful for the breath of fresh air, the warmth of the sun, and the beauty of April showers." - Anonymous

"Don't be afraid of change. It is during the most challenging times of instability and discomfort that we grow. Just like the bud that breaks open in April, change is often the beginning of something beautiful." - Roy T. Bennett

"The month of April teaches us that beauty, like the cherry blossoms, can be fleeting but still hold immense power." - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

"When we are children, we see the world through a lens of wonder. In April, everything seems possible, just like it did when we were young." - Anonymous

"The voice of a robin, the rustle of new leaves, the smell of the awakening earth - these are the things that whisper to us in April." - Rachel Carson

"When April winds breathe magic fire, tulips kindle their desire." - Edna St. Vincent Millay

brown and white letter m wall decor
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"May we stand tall like the oak trees in May, strong and rooted in our heritage." - Toni Morrison

"May we be like the trees in May, constantly shedding the old and welcoming the new." - Indira Gandhi

"The dogwood blossoms open, / A symphony in white, / May paints the hills with poppies red, / And bathes the world in light." - Anonymous

"May showers bring beautiful May flowers." - Anonymous

"In the sweet by-and-by, when May is nigh." - Louisa May Alcott

"The air of May is alive with the music of promise." - Edna Ferber

"In the hushed silence of a May morning, a melody seems to float in the air around you." - Jane Austen

"May is the month that awakens the soul." - Gloria Anzaldúa

"In May, the simplest things, like a walk in the park, bring the greatest joy." - Langston Hughes

"May is a clean slate, a chance to wipe the dust off your dreams and start anew." - Malala Yousafzai

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"In the month of June, we celebrate the culmination of hard work and the joy of new beginnings." - Michelle Obama

"The month of June brings long, lazy days, perfect for reflection and rejuvenation." - Jamaica Kincaid

"June is a time to honor the rich tapestry of cultures and traditions that make us who we are." - Sonia Sotomayor

"In the month of June, we come together as a community, stronger together than we are alone." - Yuri Kochiyama

"Let the beauty of the roses in June remind us to bloom wherever we are planted." - Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o

"In the month of June, let laughter ring out loud and let our spirits soar free." - Audre Lorde

"The lush greenery and blooming flowers of June are a constant reminder of nature's power and beauty." - Wendell Berry

"June is a month of metamorphosis, just like the caterpillar transforming into a butterfly." - Octavia Butler

"The month of June brings long days, warm nights, and the promise of summer adventures." - Anonymous

"The longest day of June, with its stolen hours of sunlight, is a reminder to savor every moment." - John Muir

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"The month of July is a time for barbecues, laughter, and celebrating with loved ones." - Frederick Douglass

"The month of July brings sunshine that kisses our skin and reminds us to slow down and savor the moment." - Sandra Cisneros

"In the month of July, let's allow ourselves to relax and recharge, just like the earth takes a pause before the harvest." - N. Scott Momaday

"The long days of the month of July offer a chance to chase our dreams with extended hours of sunshine." - Carlos Fuentes

"The quiet evenings of the month of July offer a chance to reflect and appreciate the blessings in our lives." - Indira Naidoo

"The month of July is a time for barbecues and block parties, a celebration of community under the summer sun." - June Jordan

"The month of July is a time for barbecues and block parties, a celebration of community under the summer sun." - June Jordan

"School's out for summer! July is a time to unwind, recharge, and chase fireflies." - Anonymous

"Long, lazy days of July: perfect weather for sweet dreams and stargazing nights." - Leigh Bardugo

"Let the long days of July fill you with the energy of the summer sun." - Lailah Gifty Akita

brown doughnut on white paper
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"The days of August are like a slowly burning candle, growing shorter as the nights lengthen." - Kevin Henriquez

"August nights are for fireflies, laughter echoing in the warm air, and soaking up the last moments of summer fun." - Anonymous

"The sweet smell of ripening melons in August fills the air with a promise of delicious bounty." - Vikram Chandra

"Like the sunflowers that bloom defiantly in the August heat, we too can find strength and perseverance." - Helen Keller

"The cicadas sing their farewell song in August, a reminder that even the hottest days eventually come to an end." - Anonymous

"August: the time of year when kids go back to school, and parents breathe a sigh of relief or maybe that's just me." - Jim Gaffigan

"In the month of August, worries seem to melt away, replaced by the freedom of summer days." - Jamaica Kincaid

"August nights are velvet, sprinkled with a million diamond stars." - Sarah Bernhardt

"August is the hush before the rush of fall." - Ken Follett

"The heat of August sun makes the world shimmer and dance, like a mirage in the desert." - Terry Pratchett

"The nights of August are perfect for gazing at the stars, a reminder of the vastness of the universe." - Neil deGrasse Tyson

red-and-brown flowers flowers on table
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"September is a reminder that endings are often just the beginning of something wonderful." - Jodi Picoult

"The scent of fallen leaves and pumpkin spice fills the air in September, a reminder of cozy autumn days." - Anonymous

"September whispers, 'New beginnings are here.'" - N. West Moss

"The changing leaves of September remind us that beauty can be found in transition and letting go." - Langston Hughes

"September reminds us of the resilience of our ancestors who prepared for colder months, just like the squirrels gathering nuts." - Jamaican proverb

"The cool breezes of September whisper a sweet goodbye to summer's warmth." - Yuyuma Nikota

"Like the trees in September, we too can weather any storm and emerge stronger." - Wilma Mankiller

"September, a blank page in the book of the year, beckons us to write new adventures." - John Leguizamo

"In September, we reap the rewards of our hard work, just like the farmers gather their crops." - Cesar Chavez

"The resilience of September reminds us of the strength of our ancestors who persevered through challenging times." - Leslie Marmon Silko

assorted pumpkins and brown product tag
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"October evenings gather 'round the fire, sharing stories with hearts set higher" - "Pumpkin Spice" by Dolly Parton

"October turns the maples to gold; lit by the magic of the world." - Nova Ren Suma

"The month of October beckons us to slow down, savor the warmth of a cup of tea, and enjoy the simple pleasures." - Margaret Atwood

"October whispers of magic and mystery, a time for costumes and spooky stories." - Agatha Christie

"The month of October is a month of mellow weather, when the world earns its living." - Jean Giraudoux

"October teaches us that letting go, like the leaves from the trees, can be a beautiful part of life's cycle." - J.K. Rowling

"Don't be afraid of the dark. In October, it's at its most beautiful." - Anonymous

"October puts a spell on you and Halloween is just the first trick." - Angie Thomas

"The shortening days of October remind us to cherish each moment, for life is fleeting." - Khalil Gibran

"October whispers tales of ghosts and goblins, a time for spooky stories and thrilling chills." - R.L. Stine

a black and white photo of the word november
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"The month of November bathes the landscape in a melancholic light, an artist's palette of muted tones and smoky skies." - Frida Kahlo

"The colors of November are a reminder that beauty can be found even in the midst of change." - Lailah Gifty Akita

"The month of November acts as a bridge, connecting the warmth of summer to the quiet slumber of winter." - Michael Ondaatje

"In November, the spirit of giving takes hold, reminding us of the importance of compassion and generosity." - Desmond Tutu

"The month of November teaches us that even in decay, there is a quiet beauty." - Ishiguro Kazuo

"November wears a somber gown, with jewels of frost upon her crown." - Margaret Fuller

"November is a month of quiet contemplation, a time to prepare for the hibernation of winter." - Khaled Hosseini

"The quiet solitude of November allows for introspection and a deeper connection with ourselves." - Isabel Allende

"As November arrives, it's a chance to let go of the past and embrace new beginnings with open arms." - Shonda Rhimes

"November brings a harvest of flavors, a time for diverse cultural feasts and celebrations." - José Andrés

multicolored December drawing
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"The quiet moments of December allow us to reflect on the year gone by and find peace for the year to come." - Gauri Sawant

"December brings a frosted world, a landscape painted white, a time for cozy nights by the fire." - Laura Ingalls Wilder

"The crisp December air awakens the senses, with a hint of frost and the promise of winter wonderlands." - Haruki Murakami 

"December reminds us that even in the darkest nights, there is always the promise of light and new beginnings." - Amanda Gorman

"The lighting of the menorah in December marks a time of tradition and cultural celebration." - Ilana Rubenfeld 

"December brings a touch of magic, with twinkling lights and the promise of snowy wonderlands." - E.B. White

"December brings out the generosity of spirit in many, a willingness to help and share with those around them." - Suheir Hammad

"December brings the rattling of wrapping paper and the warmth of crackling fires." - Anonymous

"December reminds us of the power of giving back, of making a difference in the lives of others." - Angelina Jolie

"December is a time for magic, when even the most ordinary days glitter." - Barbara Johnson

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