2 CEO's Share Their Go-To Journaling Methods

I reached out to two CEO's on their go-to journaling method-and I got answers! I'll be honest, I did not expect it. But it's proof that awesome leadership engages in some honest self-care and goal visualization.

2 CEO's Share Their Go-To Journaling Methods
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This special post has me sweating.

I reached out to two CEO's on their go-to journaling method-and I got answers! I'll be honest, I did not expect it. But it's proof that awesome leadership engages in some honest self-care and goal visualization.

Why CEO's? These are positions that often suffer burn out and high levels of stress. A survey in 2022 found that 70% feel overwhelmed regarding workload. (1) I wanted to get specifics on how they journal, and by extension, shed some light on the building blocks that help stave off the mental health down spiral.

Vision Board Journaling

First we have Jeff Mains from Champion Leadership Group.

"For CEOs like me, a vision board is an exceptional journaling method. Firstly, it provides a visual representation of our goals and aspirations, making it easier to stay focused on the bigger picture. Secondly, assembling a vision board involves selecting images and words that resonate with our objectives, fostering a deep connection to our vision. Thirdly, it serves as a constant reminder of our priorities, helping us make decisions aligned with our long-term goals. Additionally, updating the vision board regularly allows us to adapt to changing circumstances and refine our strategic direction. Lastly, sharing the vision board with our team can align the entire organization with our vision, fostering a sense of purpose and motivation among employees."
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Now, pay attention to the words vision board. How you do vision journaling does not require a board. For the purposes of a CEO, it makes sense to have a large space that multiple individuals can look at, add to, and gain clarity from. But we're talking about your potential next journaling method here. I love the idea of vision journals. They can be private, have visuals, manifesto's, mantra's, and just an overall physicial space of positivity. Most importantly, it places the mindset of the journaler in the desired future. Instead of having a pining mindset, the positive problem-solving mentality is in the forefront. A study by the Frontiers of Psychology noted that individuals who practiced manifestation with positive affirmations were more likely to achieve their goals. (2,3) If you're like me, vision board journaling is the peanut butter and manifestation belief is the jelly!

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Letter from Future Self

Next is Ravi Parikh, travel expert and CEO of RoverPass - the world's #1 campground booking software.

"My favorite journaling method is writing a letter from my future self. I love this method because it gives me a clear idea of what I want to achieve and how to do it. It involves placing myself in the future and thinking from that perspective. This method helps me chalk out an achievable program and prepare the perfect flowchart. It helps me introspect on my failures and shortcomings and suggests ways to overcome them. It gives me a target I can look up to for inspiration and encourages me to achieve it."

I love this idea! Let's give a simple breakdown on how to start.

  1. Imagine yourself in the future. Is it one year from now or ten? Be specific.
  2. Imagine the following: achievements, relationships, and gratitude.
  3. Start writing! Include everything. Goals, hopes, dreams, worries, etc.
  4. Once you're finished, put the letter in a sealed, dated envelope.
  5. Put your letter in a place that you can find it. Don't completely forget it!
  6. A year or ten years later, open the letter.

This method is an excellent hack to examine, reflect and go deep when placing yourself in your desired future. Are you really making the right decisions to get to the goal? Future-thinking takes practice, and this repeatable method can give you oodles of it.

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Let's recap: journaling can be an endeavor that supercharges your decision making ability. A couple methods to consider would be vision board journaling and writing a letter to your future self. This helps place your mindset at your desired intention.

-A Very Enthusiastic Journaler

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